About us

Nature has gifted Pakistan with high-grade colorful gemstones. The most popular gemstones found are Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire, Aquamarine, Topaz (Pink, golden and colorless) Morganite, Garnet, Peridot, Diopside, Spinel, Quartz, Tourmaline, Fluorite, Lapis Lazuli, and Kunzite.

Realized the potential of the gem industry and the importance of an educational Institute that could act as a nucleus for the development of the profession and trade. The Board of administration of the Export Development Fund approved the funds and work on the establishment of the Gems and Gemological Institute of Pakistan (GGIP) started. The Institute became functional in October 2001.


To provide technical education in Gemology and practical training in Gem cutting & polishing (Faceting & Carving).


Mission Statement     

To bring value addition to the gem sector and impart training in compliance with international best practices of the industry.

Aims on          

  • Ø  Expand the pool of literate skilled labor.
  • Ø  Education including technical and vocational streams.
  • Ø  Emphasis on diversification so as to transform the system from supply-oriented to demand-driven.
  • Ø  Promote excellence in hands-on skills
  • Ø  Introduction of skill development / technical know-how courses to avoid unemployment of school dropouts.
  • Ø  Introduction of special courses of skill development to cater to the demand of specific sectors.
  • Ø  Expansion of technical & vocational education and subsidize technology education & training.
  • Ø  Focus on rural areas and strengthen rural trades and vocations.

  • Strength of GGIP      

  • Ø  Secured & Funded by the Government of Pakistan.
  • Ø  Highly qualified Faculty
  • Ø  Latest Gemological tools and equipment are available for training,
  • Ø  Imported (US) Microscopes, UV Lamp. Dichroscopes, Diamond Tester, Chelsea Color filter, Polaris cope-drum Type, Scales, Brass Gauge, Triplet Loupe, Hardness Pencils, Tweezers.
  • Ø  Imported gems cutting machines and equipment.
  • Ø  Equipped classrooms.
  • Ø  Computer Aided presentations.
  • Ø  Special courses for market people.
  • Ø  Special attention for females as per cultural and social demands.
  • Ø  Sponsored courses for deserving classes to promote free technical education.
    • Outcome of Students

    Survey has been conducted by GGIP to collect data about the passing out Gemology and Gems Cutting Students and after compilation, it was concluded that 80 % of the GGIP students have been absorbed in the market; they have either established their own lapidary or working with some lapidary at NamakMandi, Peshawar & other parts of the country. Rests of 20 % are professionals, students, doctors, engineers, etc who completed the course as vocational training.