Course Title                 CARVING (GEMSCUTTING & POLISHING COURSE).

Duration                      Eight weeks.

Credits                       30 hours practical a week.

Available Technology

Ø  Heavy Dual grinders.

Ø  Trim Saw Machine.

Ø  Carving Machines with accessories.

Ø  Cutting Laps

Ø  Buff Pads

Ø  Sanding Paper

Ø  Diamond cutting blades

Ø  Diamond cutting laps

Ø  Hand grinding machines.

Ø  Diamond Wheels

Ø  Other accessories

Ø  Handheld carving machine

Ø  Drilling Machine

Ø  Teaching gemstone(s)

Age Limit                                Minimum 18 years.

Education                                Must be literate to read and write English.

Duration                                  4 months.

Instructor Information           

Ø  Name:                          Mr. Syed Usman Ali Shah

Ø  Designation                 Instructor

Ø  Qualification               B.A. Carving Certificate, Gems & Gemological

Institute of Pakistan Peshawar

Instructor Availability All working days

General Course Description

Course Outcomes                    Certificate in Carving (lapidary).

Venue                          Gems & Gemological Institute of Pakistan Peshawar

Theory / Practical        Students are taught about the usage of gemstone carving and polishing machinery, tools, and equipment. The student will learn cutting of gemstone jewelry, embossed carving, inlay carving, calligraphy, cutlery, beads making, and steps of figure making including bird, eagle, tortoise, horse, decoration items, etc

Course contents                      The contents included in the syllabus are taught in all the institutes of similar repute.

Class Procedures and Policies

Attendance                 95 % attendance is required.

Course Material           All kinds of course material for reading purposes shall be provided by GGIP.


Theory exam (multiple choice)            25 Marks

Practical Exam                                    75 Marks

Total Marks                                         100.